Our Company


California Fantasies, Inc., established in 2004, has been formulating unique and exciting products that promote a fun and healthy lifestyle. The signature brand Razzels, a Three-in-One lubricant, is just one of the many exquisite offerings in the California Fantasies line. California Fantasies, Inc. is committed to providing safe and fun products at competitive pricing. We know you have many choices in personal care products and we thank you for choosing the California Fantasies, Inc. line.

A Note to Our Consumers

We would like to personally thank each and every one of our product users! We truly appreciate your commitment and loyalty to the California Fantasies brand personal care products.

Relax, have Fun! We want to hear from you! From testimonials to product suggestions any feedback you want to provide us is always appreciated!

About Us

California Fantasies, Inc., located in Anaheim Hills, has been creating safe, fun, and distinctive lubricants since 2004. These personal products stimulate the senses and spark the romance on those very special moments.

In June of 2012, California Fantasies, Inc., became a woman owned and run company. Carmen G Mortazavi became the new owner and president of California Fantasies, Inc., her number one priority is to formulate the highest quality, premium and clear packaging lubricants on the market.

The future of California Fantasies, Inc., is clearly a bright one with many new items in consideration for the romance line and with the re-introduction of all our existing product line.

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